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Add appended messages to the save/restore concept

We are linting our complete software with different rulesets for its different SW-parts (because some are safety relevant and some are not, i.e. the rulesets differ, but the code analysis must check the software as a whole).

Each SW-part's rulesets has its own active rules/errors + specific messages for the errors, which are added via the "-append()" option.
In the course of action we use the save/restore options to get back to a basic common, global configuration.

I.e. the complete command line is something like:
# lint-nt.exe
# <output file>
# <global base cfg>
# <msg output format cfg>.lnt
# (n-times) x [
# <SW-part specific cfg => first option: -save>.lnt
# <SW-part specific includes>.lnt
# <SW-part specific target files (.c, .h) => last option: -restore >.lnt
# ]

While this works well for the error inhibition, with this command call structure finally in the PC-lint log, the latter SW-parts get also all appended messages from the previous ones, i.e. the "-append()" options are not saved/restored with the active errors.

For example in the following PC-lint-log-snippet only the last MISRA category should be added:
#FINDING_DETAILS§"d:\80-Software\src\Module12345.c"§8002§80§Note§9033§Impermissible cast of composite expression (wider essential type for the destination) §MISRA-C:2012 Rule 10.8§ required, §MISRA-C:2012 Rule 10.8§ advisory, §MISRA-C:2012 Rule 10.8§ obligatory)

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